FREDDO Kitchen Bar

I am also the owner of FREDDO KITCHEN BAR,  a nice restaurant located in the same street as the studio's that I rent.

We serve authentic Greek Food. You can have a nice dinner or just a pita gyros. If you only want to come in for a drink then you are also most welcome.

You can have your dinner on the terras or inside the restaurant. If you would like to have it served in your studio then just let us know and we will bring it to your appartment for free. 

And after a nice day chilling out on the beach and feel like taking some food away, then just pass by and we will be happy to prepare it for you.

Hope to see you soon in Freddo Kitchen Bar! You will find Freddo Kitchen Bar in the Haltestraat 32 A.

Our phone number is: 06- 4197395 / 023- 7433706

Check out our menu at

Please have a look inside our restaurant and enjoy the virtual tour!